Two men suspected of extorting and kidnapping man, suspending him from a tree

Two residents of the Arab town of Ma’ale Iron in northern Israel are expected to be indicted in the coming days for allegedly kidnapping, extorting and eventually suspending from a tree a man who refused to pay them.

According to a police statement released Wednesday, the victim, a resident of the predominantly Arab city of Baqa al-Gharbiyye, had borrowed NIS 80,000 ($23,000) from the suspects, who in return demanded the much larger sum of NIS 400,000.

The victim, who was unable to obtain the money, was violently harassed by the suspects. His family also became targets of repeated threats, the report said.

In one instance, a hand grenade was thrown at the victim’s house and in another, a business owned by his family was set ablaze.

At one point the suspects kidnapped the…

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