Netanyahu connects with supporters, one protective glass cage appearance at a time

Driving into Ramat Gan with a motorcade, sirens blaring, and ushered into a waiting custom-outfitted, glass-paneled truck-borne enclosure, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu greeted supporters last Thursday evening.

Since first bursting onto the scene earlier this month, Netanyahu’s “Bibi Ba,” or “Bibi is Coming,” bus has become a bit of a pop-culture phenomenon. Alternatively referred to as an “aquarium,” a “glass box,” or a “pope mobile,” the enclosure has puzzled Israelis, generated memes and led to a prime-time spoof on popular sketch comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” (“A Wonderful Country”).

Netanyahu has explained that the Shin Bet security agency has asked him to stand behind protective glass while making scheduled public appearances. But fulfilling…

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