Bazan Group indicted for pollution for 5th time in seven years

The Environmental Protection Ministry on Thursday submitted its fifth indictment in seven years against Israel’s biggest oil refinery for air pollution and violation of its emissions permit.

The charge names the company, Bazan, as well as Yariv Gertz, vice president at the time of the alleged violations, and Udi Yaakov, then Bazan’s operations manager.

It relates to 15 cases of deviation from permitted emissions at 10 facilities during 2017 and the company’s failure to carry out a sampling of chimneys as the ministry requires.

This will be the fifth set of criminal proceedings advanced by the ministry against Bazan since 2015.

Bazan occupies 526 acres (2,130 dunams) in Haifa Bay, close to the most heavily populated areas of northern Israel. Its refinery imports crude…

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